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On the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the Independence Day on 25 May 2007 and the belief of His Majesty King Abdullah II on the importance of the participation of Jordanian youth in the process of economic, social and political development and the preparation of a generation of qualified youth, the royal directives came to the Jordanian armed forces, In which a project for the use of civilians in the Jordanian armed forces to work in the construction sector in coordination with the Ministry of Labor and private sector institutions, in order to equip the youth in different provinces with the skills and abilities necessary to work and give and increase Production. In response to the royal directives, the National Company for Employment and Training was established as a private non-profit joint stock company. It was officially registered at the Ministry of Industry and Trade on 25/7/2007 and started its work on August 7, 2007 with a full management of qualified personnel after completion of all detailed plans and programs For all stages of operation and training.
  • Phase 1: (2008-6 / 5/2014) Shoueer stage (relative to the location of the training center)
  • Phase 2: (6/5/2014 - so far) post-Shoaer

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Establishment of the company
NET is a non-profit private company established in 2007 as a translation of the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein to provide the Jordanian labor market with trained, qualified workforce  by providing and ensuring training opportunities for unemployed youth in various sectors in all governorates of the Kingdom through effective partnership with the public and private sector for a greater participation in labor market.    the Board of Directors include  nine members (80%) represent industry .
National in brief
The National Company for Employment and Training is one of the main training providers in the vocational and technical education sector. It is one of the institutions that offers vocational training programs in the field of construction and related professions. The company was established in response to the royal directives in 2007 to train unemployed youth by training them professionally and providing them with opportunities. The work of which guarantees them a safe future and has started its work after completion and completion of all detailed plans and programs for all stages of operation and training to reflect His Majesty's belief in the importance of Jordanian youth participation in economic development. Preparing a generation of qualified youth, arming them with the necessary skills and abilities to work and give and increase production.
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Several studies carried out for local labor market and the needs of both employer and employee to reach a practical method to meet the needs of both parties and to contribute in the achievement of the company's vision and objectives with the classification of these requirements as follow Requirements of the employer Commitment and work seriousness: Providing all means to control commitment and seriousness through civilians recruitment system in Armed Forces and the existence of reward and punishment mechanism. Quality production: Focus on the quality of the final output as of its positive impact on the quality of work and cost reduction. Training to meet market needs:: Training according to actual needs of the labor market. Distribution of trainees to construction companies according to their need. Requirements of the employee Fair wages: Achievement of fair wages compared with foreign workers. Providing logistics services : To enable unemployed youth from governorates of high unemployment rates to take advantage of employment opportunities concentrated in the governorates of Amman and Aqaba.
council of management
Based on the company's belief in the importance of partnership with the private sector by increasing its role and participation in management and governance, this was reflected in the composition of its board representing the private sector (80%) of its members, but the company is currently seeking to establish sectoral partnership councils with the most active sectors of the labor force And the establishment of these councils for a strategic partnership between the company and the representative bodies of these sectors. One of its outputs is the development of some of the institutes of the company to be a distinguished institute that the private sector participates in managing, guaranteeing the quality of its outputs and running its graduates in partnership with Hat international companies to transfer their expertise and experience and building national capacities. The company also coordinates with the concerned parties to enable the private sector to acquire shares in the ownership of the company and to help achieve the vision of the company based on real partnership and sustainable with the private sector.

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Oganizational Structure

Our Vision

qualified , competitive Jordanian workforce in different vocational specializations in accordance with labor market needs  


Our Mission

Meet the quantity and quality needs of local and regional labor market of qualified trainees through Modern, flexible and demand driven organization ,and through designing  and implementing variety training programs that attract young according to international standards and effective partnership with national and international institutions. for a greater participation in labor market.

The Employment Department is considered as one of the important departments because of its main role in finding employment opportunities for the graduates of the national company. Making agreements to train trainees in the work sites with