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On the occasion of the sixty-first anniversary of Independence Day on the 25th of May 2007 and the belief of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein in the importance of the participation of Jordanian youth in the process of economic , social and political development and the preparation of a generation of qualified young people, The   High Royal Directives have been issued to the Jordanian Armed Forces instructing His Majesty the King to implement a project to employ civilians in the Jordanian Armed Forces to work in the construction sector in coordination with the Ministry of Labour and private sector institutions,to arm young people in different provinces with the skills and capabilities to work, give and increase production. 

In response to high royal directives, the national and employment company has been established as   a non-profit private equity company, it was official registered in the  Ministry of Industry and Trade on 26/July /2007 ,it commenced its job on 7/august/2007 by a qualified administration after completing all plans and detailed programs for every single phase . 
  • Phase 1: from June/2008 to May/2014 -SHWEAR phase(indicating the place of training centre )
  • Phase 2: from 5/June/2014 till now (after SHWEAR phase ).

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Establishment of the company
NET is a non-profit private company was  established in 2007 as a translation of the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II  to supplement the Jordanian labor market with trained, qualified workforce  by train and support unemployed youth in various sectors in all governorates of the Kingdom through effective partnership with the public and private sector,  NET is administered by the Board of Directors of specialists of nine members from both public and private sector .
National in brief
The National for Employment and Training Company is one of the main training providers in the vocational and technical education sector. It has the advantage of offering vocational training programmes in construction and related professions. The company was established in response to Royal High Instructions in 2007 with the aim of providing young unemployed persons with vocational training and job opportunities to ensure a secure future. It has begun its work after completing all detailed plans and programmes for all stages of employment and training.

To reflect His Majesty King Abdullah II's belief in the importance of the participation of Jordanian youth in the process of economic and social development and the preparation of a generation of qualified young people, and to arm them with the skills and capabilities to work, give and increase production.
Company Strategy:
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Time frame:
The company has adopted a strategy for the employment and training of 2500-300s apprentices per year, balanced with the realities and needs of the labour market.

Training atomsphere and methodology

The National Employment and Training Company has made great strides in providing curricula that are consistent with advanced international experience in building specialized training programmes in accordance with modern scientific methods that meet the requirements of the local market in all its construction disciplines.
The company's training institutes

Training classes
Practical phase Quality  control phase Development phase Preparation stage
-implementing different exercises directed by instructors
-feed back -instructors /trainees
-setting quality standards
-Assess performance results/trainees
-presenting questions from the instructor
-presenting new ideas to implement the knowledge /trainees
-feed back
- introduction /instructor
-Instructor assessment
-building on information from the instructor

Training workshops   
The National company has professional training workshops  prepared according to the Global Operator Processing System and equipped with modern training equipment  that simulates the training reality to achieve the best training results ( in the attachment you will find a  model image of the training needs used to carry out the tasks).

Professional trainers practise their job in various workshops in the vocational training institutes of the National Employment and Training company, implementing theoretical classes in training halls, giving lectures, conducting tests and applying practical exercises within training workshops. The content of this manual therefore focuses mainly on the educational methodologies and methods for training in the workshops.

Field and private sector training

Training in offshore companies is based on participatory training, which is complementary training within private and public companies and in cooperation between training providers and employers, where employers are required to hire escorts. (An accompanying instructor) to supervise trainees during their training at these companies, where they are agreed on administrative and technical matters of interest to the trainees, in accordance with clear employment contracts indicating the duties of the trainees and the type and time of the trainer and identifying the supervisory and responsible bodies responsible for the conduct and evaluation of the training process.

Governing Council
Based on the firm's belief in the importance of partnership with the private sector through its increased role and participation in governance and administration, reflected in the composition of its governing Council which   the private sector represents (80%) of its members, however, the Company is currently seeking to establish sectoral partnership councils with the most active sectors of the Jordanian workforce, primarily industry and enterprises.
These councils will establish a strategic partnership between the Company and its representatives, one of which will be the development of some of the Company's institutes as distinct private sector organizations, the quality of their output and the operation of their graduates in partnership with international actors and companies, with a view to transferring their expertise and experience.

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Oganizational Structure

Our Vision

Jordanian labor market with Trained and prepared qualified, competitive workforce in different vocational specializations.

Meeting the quantitative and qualitative needs of the Jordanian and Arab labour markets in the professional workforce through designing and implementing of various vocational and applicable training programmes that are attractive to the targeted youth and consistent with modern international standards  , and in active partnership with national and international.

Our Mission

Meet the quantity and quality needs of local and regional labor market of qualified trainees through Modern, flexible and demand driven organization, and through designing  and implementing variety training programs that attract young according to international standards and effective partnership with national and international institutions.

The Employment Department is considered as one of the important departments because of its main role in finding employment opportunities for the graduates of the national company. Making agreements to train trainees in the work sites with